Founded in 2000, Nantong Institute of Technology is a full-time private undergraduate university approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE) of China. Currently, the university owns two campuses, covering an area of more than 1,066 thousands square meters with a building area of 700 thousand square meters. With over 25,000 full-time students, it has 52 undergraduate programs and twelve schools, including School of Mechanical Engineering, School of Automotive Engineering, School of Civil Engineering, School of Business, School of Computer and Information Engineering, School of Electrical and Energy Engineering, School of Communication and Design, School of Medical Health, School of Safety Engineering and Emergency Management, School of Basic Education, School of Innovation and Entrepreneurship and School of Continuing Education.

The main campus of Nantong Institute of Technology is located in the city of Nantong, which is a renowned historical and cultural city lying at the southeast of Jiangsu Province. The teaching and living conditions in the university have been designed and constructed with high standards, making it an ideal residence for students. The University is equipped with teaching buildings, student dormitories, experimental centers, libraries, gymnasiums, sports fields, student activity centers, science and technology entrepreneurship parks, etc., which meet the needs of faculties and students.

The university attaches great importance to the cultivation of students' learning skills, practical ability, application skills and innovation capacity. It has domestic top-class 3D printing laboratory, and more then 120 different labs of machining, numerical control technology, robotics, automobile maintenance, electronics and electricity, wind power generation, shipping, construction, logistics, finance, software design, etc. Moreover, The library has a collection of more than 2 million paper books, 2.55 million electronic books, 1,575 paper journals and 18,568 electronic journals; providing students with extensive range of rare, unique, and internationally important collections.   

The University possesses a high-level faculty with extensive knowledge and abundant teaching experience. Among them, 85% have PhDs or master’s degrees, and 45% have senior professional titles. Furthermorethe university employs more than 160 executives and senior engineering and technical personnel in order to make full use of outstanding talent resources, speed up the construction of teaching staff, improve the quality of teaching, create a strong academic atmosphere, and promote the improvement of teaching and scientific research level.

Over the past three years, the University has been accredited with two key disciplines (Mechanical Engineering & Business Administration) of Jiangsu Provincial 13th Five-Year Plan, 14th Five-Year Plan, one provincial brand specialty (Machinery Design, Manufacture and Automation), five provincial first-class programs (Machinery Design, Manufacture and Automation, Logistics Management, Automotive Service Engineering, Civil Engineering and E-Commerce), seven provincial online open courses, five provincial first-class courses, one provincial-level integration of production and education first-class courses, six provincial key textbooks. Meanwhile, faculty members have published over 3,004 high-level academic papers as well as over 1,439 authorized patents and software copyrights, including 215 invention patents.

The University upholds the objective of serving local economic and social development. It actively creates various platforms to contribute to local development. It serves as a National Automotive Inspection and Maintenance Training Base, Jiangsu Provincial New Energy Application Technology Training Base, Jiangsu Provincial Automotive Application Technology Training Base, Jiangsu Provincial Industrial Talent Training Base, Jiangsu Provincial Wind Power Generation Technology R&D Center, Jiangsu Provincial 3D Printing Equipment and Application Technology Key Laboratory, etc. The sound schooling conditions have laid a solid foundation for nurturing students' practical and innovative capabilities.

Ever since the foundation, the University has been adhering to the philosophy of School-running with Sincerity, Educating with Conscience, to the education concept of Being Student-centered, and to the objective of serving the local economic and social development, whose educational performance has been acknowledged and appreciated by the government and all walks of life.