From May 25th to May 29th, president Chen Mingyu led a team to visit Singapore and Malaysia to promote exchanges and cooperation with foreign universities and institutions. Chen Mingyu and NIT delegation visited Nanyang Institute of Management in Singapore, INTI International University and Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia, and had in-depth communication and exchanges with the leaders of these institutions. During the visit to Nanyang School of Management in Singapore, they introduced each other's history of running schools, majors and curriculum, and had a heated discussion on the future cooperation mode. They also reached a consensus and signed a memorandum of cooperation on academic exchanges, student promotion and cooperation projects. During the investigation in Malaysia, the delegation visited and inspected the campuses of INTI International University and Infrastructure University Kuala Lumpur respectively, held talks with the principals, school leaders and management of the colleges, reached consensus on students' overseas study, teachers' overseas doctoral study, joint training of postgraduate students, joint construction of secondary professional college and other aspects, and signed a memorandum of cooperation with INTi International University.