School of Mechanical Engineering

Machinery Design, Manufacture and Automation

Mechatronic Engineering

Metallic Materials and Engineering

Robotics Engineering

Intelligent Manufacturing

School of Automotive Engineering

Automobile Service Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Transportation Engineering

New Energy Vehicle Engineering

Intelligent Vehicle Engineering

School of Civil Engineering

Civil Engineering

Engineering Management

Project Costs

Intelligent Construction

Building Electricity and Intelligence

School of Business

Logistics Management

Financial Management

Electronic Commerce

Financial Engineering

Hospitality Management


Standardization Engineering

Digital Economy

School of Computer and Information Engineering

Software Engineering

Digital Media Technology

Computer Science and Technology

Internet Engineering

Data Science and Big Data Technology

Artificial Intelligence

Internet of Things Engineering

School of Electrical and Energy Engineering

New Energy Science and Engineering

Shipbuilding and Oceanography Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation


Electronic Information Engineering

Marine Electronic and Electrical Engineering

Intelligent Equipment and Systems

Marine Engineering

School of Communication and Design

Environmental Design

Visual Communication Design

Digital Media Art

Package Design

Aviation Service Art and Management

Fashion and Apparel Design

School of Medical Health

Health Service and Management

Nursing Science

Rehabilitation Therapy

Medical Laboratory Technology

Medical Experimental Technolog

School of Safety Engineering and Emergency Management

Safety Engineering

Emergency Technology and Management

Chemical Industry Safety Engineering

School of Basic Education