On November 2nd, the 2023 briefing of summer research project summary was held. Vice President Xu Haining, Lu Chunyan, Director of Office of International Affairs attended the briefing.

In order to provide opportunities for students to communicate and study abroad, improve their comprehensive quality, enhance their international awareness and broaden their international vision, our school and overseas friendly and cooperative universities have jointly built a high-quality learning platform for our students -- overseas short-term cultural exchange program.

During the briefing, seven student representatives shared what they had seen, heard and felt about the learning content and culture of different countries based on their own research situation. Vice President Xu Haining also shared his overseas experience with students and told them the meaning of university study. He said that while learning scientific and cultural knowledge, it is necessary to have a certain international vision. Internationalization is also one of the characteristics of universities. He said that these study experience has injected confidence and clarified the direction for NIT to carry out such programs in the future.